Annual Report

 Academic Activites

CBSE Results:

In Class X in the year 2012-13, 89 students appeared and 89 passed.  We had 100% pass percentage in Class X with a Performance Index of 7.84 out of 10.  In Class XII in 2012-13 in the Science stream 21 appeared and 21 passed with 100% pass percentage and the performnance Index being 56.7.  In the Commerce stream in the said year 14 appeared and 9 passed with 64.3% pass percentage and the Performance Index was 41.4.

7 students of this Vidyalaya secured 10 CGPA and received Merit Scholarship Rs.5000/- each from KVS and Merit Certificates from CBSE.


Co-curricular activites:-

Olympiads: 90 students had qualified for Second Level Olympiads. 2 of them had done exceptionally well.

Shubrojit Saha of Class IV Secured the 10th Rank in AP in National Science Olympiad.

N Sharavan of Class IV secured 12th Rank in AP in the National Cyber Olympiad.


Social Science Exhibition:- At the Cluster Level, Kum. Rubab Singh secured the 1st Position in English Debate, she spoke for the motion. Mas. Manohar Naga Sai also secured the 1st position in the same debate, he spoke against the motion. The Hindi skit from our school bagged the 2nd position.

At the regional level Social Science Exhibition held at KV No.1 Uppal, Kum. Rubab Singh Secure the 2nd position and Mas. Manohar Naga Sai Secured the 3rd position in English Debate.

English Spell Bee Competition: kum. P Divya Sree got the 2nd Rank in State Level and kum. Tahera Sadaf got the 5th Rank in the State Level.

Kum. Rubab Singh of Class X participated in Regional Elocution Competition conducted by KVS Hyderabad in connection with the Golden Jubilee Celebration of KVS and secured a consolation prize.


Hindi : Kum. Tahera Sadaf of Class X Participated in Regional Elocution Competion in Hindi conducted by KVS Hyderabad in connection with the Golden Jubilee Celebration of KVS and secured the 1st position.

Kum. Pragati and Kum.Tahera Sadaf of Class X Secured 3rd position and consolation prize respectively in another elocution competition conducted by KVS Hyderabad at the regional Level.

achievements in Sports and Games: 13 students of our School got selected to represent Hyderabad Region in the KVS National Games in various Sports events in the Year 2013-14.

Ruby Kumari of Class XI secured the 3rd position and bagged the Bronze medal at KVS National Chess Competition held at Guwahati.

Kum. Priyanka of class XII secured the 3rd position and bagged the bronze medal in KVS National Throw Ball Competiton held at Guwahati.

Our Vidyalaya’s Vollyball Team was successful in beating all the other Vidyalaya teams of the region to participate in the All India Inter KV Vollyball Tournament held at New Delhi. There they achieved the Bronze Medal.


Educational Tour:- The Students of KV Kanchanbagh were taken for Educational Tours twice during the year 2013-14. The 1st Educational Trip was organised to Ramoji Film City in the month of December 2013. The Second Educational Trip was organised to “The Songs of Earth” in January 2014, where adventure activities were organised for the students.

Singing Competition: -Anisha Mohanty of Class VIII participated in many Singing Competitions and bagged many 1st prizes where ever she participated. The competitions were organised by various organisations. Her songs have been recorded and telecast by Door Darshan Hyderabad Kendra.

Drawing and Painting Competitions:- Our students have been successful in securing many prizes in Drawing and Painting Competitions also.

All India Camlin Contest :- Kum. Leela Bhuvaneshwari of Class IX received a National Level and the Regional Level Awards. The Regional Level Awards were also Bagged by Kum. Keerti Pushp of Class VII and Anirudh of Class IV.

The State Level Awrads in the All India Camlin Contest were won by Aliya Sultana of Class IX and Jigyansa Singh also of Class IX.

All India Drawing and Painting competiton :- conducted by KV ONGC Rajamundry, Mas. Shaik Mohammad Ayan of Class I, Kum. G Shravanti of Class IX and

Kum. M S Shravya of class V bagged Gold Medals.


Scouts, Guides, cubs and Bulbul:- This Vidyalaya has a wing of Scouts and Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls.  10 Scouts and 14 Guides attended an adventure camp held at NTC Pachmarhi in June 2013. 8 Scouts and 14 Guides attended Tritiya Sopan Testing camp and qualified. 5 Scouts and 8 Guides attended Pre-Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp out of which 2 Scouts and 3 Guides atteded Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp and Qualified. Our Scouts and Guides took Part in Divisional Rally and Republic Day Parade at the Regional Level.


In connection with the golden Jubilee Celebrations of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, a Photo Exhibition was conducted for the Students Portraying the “Journey of KV Kanchanbagh”.


Our teachers also do not lag behind. Shri. GVSNN Murthy TGT Maths of this Vidyalaya Participated in the 75th ALT(S) at NTC Pachmarhi and Qualified in the Same.

Smt. Sonali Maitra TGT Hindi wrote an article in Hindi about the positive factors of CCE which was published in the KVS regional Magazine.

Smt. Masood Sultana PET was felicitated by the KVS Regional Office for achieveing Bronze Medal in Volly Ball Under 19 Girls at National Level.


The KVS conducts In-Service courses every year for refreshing and introducing new teaching techniques to the teachers.

Shri. G Veera Bhadra Rao PGT Maths, Shri. Y D Reddy PGT English, Shri. R Suresh PGT Hindi and Smt. Y Bhararti PGT Bio. attended these courses in their respective subjects in the year 2013-14.


In addition to the above activities and achievements, various activites like workshops, exhibitions, camps for scouts and guides, cubs and bulbuls, Adolescent Education Programmes, Computer training courses, quiz programmes, olympiads were attended and conducted by the Vidyalaya and KVS for the students and teachers, through these activites the students were exposed to other non academic aspects of education also.

All the achievements and activites would not have been possible but for the continued, systematic and sincere support and involvement of dedicated and hard working staff of KV Kanchanbagh.