Scouts & Guides




1.     64 Scouts, 64 Guides, 48 Cubs, 48 Bulbuls, 05 Scout Masters, 05 Cub Masters, 05 Guide Captains and 01 Flock Leader were registered for the academic year 2017-18.

2.     08 Scouts and 08 Guides  participated in Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held at KV AFS Begumpet from 18-22nd July, 2017.

3.     Dwitiya  Sopan Testing Camp conducted in this Vidyalaya on 03rd Augus, 2017.

4.     09 Scouts and 12 Guides participated in Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV 1 Uppal from 8-10th September, 2017.

5.     Organized a rally on International Day of Peace(on 21st September, 2017).

6.     Conducted Unit Leaders Meet of Hyderabad in this Vidyalaya from 11-12th November, 2017.

7.     Conducted Cub and Bulbul Utsav in this Vidyalaya from 24-26th November, 2017.

8.     Celebrated Vivekananda’s Birthday as National Youth Day on 12th January, 2018.

9.     02 Scouts and 02 Guides participated in Rashtrapati Award Testing Camp held at STC, Doddaballapur from 13-17th January, 2018.

10.                        A sum of Rs. 750/- collected from students towards BS&G Flagday stickers and the amount was sent to KVS RO Hyderabad.


11.                        An amount of Rs.1930/-(Rupees One thousand nine hundred and thirty only) was collected from the students and staff towards Armed Forces Welfare Fund and the amount was  sent to the Officer.


Report on scouting and guiding activites for the year2016-2017

 We have 2 scout troops, 2 guide companies, 2 cub packs and 2 bulbul flocks with a number of 64 scouts 64 guides 48 cubs & 48 bulbul,put together 224 are registered for the year2016-2017.these scouts,guides,cubs and bulbuls are trained by 5 scout masters,9 guide captains,5 cub masters and 2 flock leaders under the able guidance of Shri Virendra Kumar,Principal,KV Kanchanbagh.

* We have completed the Group and Indivudal Regestration for the year 2016-17 by April,2016.

* 8 scouts and 7 guides have attended the Pre-Rajyapuraskar Testing camp held at KV.Bolarum from 8th to 10th July,2016. 2 scouts and     2 guides have attended Rajyapuraskar Testing camp.

* 2 scouts and 2 guides have attended Rajyapuraskar Testing camp at KV Hebbal Bengaluru and KV IISC Bengaluru respectively from 12th-16th July 2016.

*Shri K.Janardhan Acharyulu,LT(S) was LOC(S) for the Raipur division which was held at KV Durg during the Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp 2016.

*Shri GVSNN Murthy, ALT(S) was LOC(S) for the Pre-Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held at KV Bolarum from 8th-10th July 2016 and Contingent Leader(S) for Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held at                   KV Hebbal Bengaluru from 12th-16th July,2016.

*11 scouts and 10 guides participated in the District Level Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV CRPF from 26th-28th August 2016.

*Our scouts and guides are also taking part in Swaccha Bharat ,Tree Plantation,Giving first aid, maintaining discipline etc.