Minutes of VMC should be updated regularly



 The 3 rd VMC meeting for the academic year 2013-14 was held on 26.02.2014 at 4.00p.m in Bapuji Hall of the school.

The following are the committee members also attended the meeting

1. Dr.Amol A Gokhale ,Scientist ‘H’ & Director  DMRL ,Chairman

2. Dr.S.Pandian ,Scientist ‘G’ DMRL ,Nominee Chairman

3. Dr.G.AppaRao ,Scientist‘F’ DMRL,Member Represent (SC/ST/OBC)

4.Smt.Madhavi, T,O,   ‘B’ EMU , Kanchanbagh, Co-Opted Member

5. Wg.Commander D.V.N. Rao, DRDL, Parent Member

6. Gp.Captin. Ramesh, Team leader, PMT, DRDL, Special Invitee

7.Smt.RamanDeep Kaur , Principal, HPS,Ramanthapur , Educationist

8.Shri.Akilesh Mishra ,GE(I) R & D ,Kanchanbagh,Technical member

9. Shri.G.Veerabhadra Rao , PGT (Maths) Teacher Represent

10. Miss.S.S.Datt,Principal, K.V.Kanchanbagh, Member Secretary


I) The meeting commenced with the Principal’s welcome address and  greetings to the chairman and all members of VMC. The Chairman VMC accompanied by other members had a glance  of different development activities that had taken place after 2nd VMC meeting and appreciated the work done by the school. Then all the PGTs introduced themselves to him, before commencement of VMC meeting. The chairman in his introductory members thanked all committee members for their presence in the meeting and then he entered his greetings to the members and informed them about various follow up action taken as the deification of entire meeting.

II) The Principal directed Mr. G.Veerabhadra Rao to power point presentation on all aspects of the school matters covering the period farm the last meeting, entering the introducing welcome to the Vidyalaya management committee Mr. G.Veerabhadra Rao took the permission from chair and giving the details.

III) At the outset , the maintenance of the school building care up as a paint of discussion  Mr. Akilesh Mishra ,GE (I) ,R&D, Kanchangh Technical member of VMC informed that DRDO, Head Quarters in principal agreed to sanction an amount of Rs. 70,00,000/- (Seventy lakes only) as a onetime amount take the maintenance opt the building, which includes engineering estimate like electrical ,Roof leaking, Painting etc..He also requested the school to list out the major works to be taken up in order of priority, so that to while entering the work, the list provided by the school can be used for reference .He also informed even through estimate were submitted for about 1.5 lakes but DRDO agreed to sanction an amount 10 lakes as one time maintenance for building renovation. He also informed that work will be taken up as soon as final often column farm DRDO Head Quarters in New Delhi.

 Regarding permanent transfer of the change school building to MES Kanchanbagh  annual maintenance has not been done .The chairman expanded  his happiness that at least  as a are time DRDO accepted the proposal, chairman for then  mentioned that  the matter was taken to the knowledge of DRDO head Quarters for the needful to the done.

It is now seriously pursued d for entering the large of maintenance of the building s with GE (I) Kanchanbagh.


(IV) Mr. Verabahdara Rao continued his power point presentation covering the following topics briefly.

1. Follow up of previous VMC meeting and action taken then of

2. Guideliness for Admission 2014-15

3. Class strength from I Std to XII std.

4. Faculty particulars - Transfer, Promotion, Retirement, Vacation,   and Staff position etc.

5. Fee structure

6. Examination Schedule

7. Straegies implemented for the implement of bound results

8. New proposal

9. Purchase

10. Problem faced by the Vidyalaya.



        The chairman and the members deliberated an all the points covered in the presentation and following is the summary of it.


(a) GE (I) Informed to chairman and the members that DRDO Head Quarters in Principal Sanctioned annual  of Rs.70 lakhs  as a onetime means for renovation of school building amount of then estimate of 105 lacks submitted to DRDO head Quarters. He also informed that renovation work will stent soon as a onetime menace. He also requested chairman to pursue the matter with DRDO Head Quarters for shifting the change the building to MES Permanently so that building maintenance can be done regulating under DMRL Budget.

2. Permission for finding fails as the grand when the assembly is being conducted in the Quadrangle is granted.

3. Permision for renovation of chemistry lab (Removal of tables & construction of cemented platform with fine tiles

4. Permission for net-wiring mesh primary children play area is granted.